Elrow makes circular magic happen

Debbie van Rijk November 17, 2021

A conversation with Mitchell van Dooijweerd of Revolution Foundation on Elrow’s circular festival approach.

On September 25, restrictions were lifted. This happened to coincide with the start of Elrow Town Amsterdam, one of the few festivals taking place in 2021. The festival is a collaboration between Apenkooi (DGTL festival) and Elrow.

Mitchell van Dooijeweerd of Revolution Foundation is in charge of organizing the event as sustainably as possible. Even with limited prep time, he put everything in place to guarantee that the planet won’t pay the price. Revolution Foundation and the DGTL festival have been leaders in event sustainability for many years, and circularity is at the heart of their approach. That makes Revolution Foundation a fantastic role model for other festivals and events. We sat down with Mitchell van Dooijweerd of Revolution Foundation to talk about Elrow’s circular approach.

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